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Treat yourself or someone else to some great "Relax Energize Refresh Body Treats"! ALL HANDMADE with 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

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Excellent Body Products

When it comes to taking your mind off a long workday, you just cannot beat a bath or hot shower. But without, shower melts, lotions, salts, and even a ...

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Lovely bath bombs/shower melts that add excitement

Our handcrafted bath bombs and shower melts come in all shapes, colours, and sizes. We have bath bombs that contain glitter, some are ❤️ shaped, some are ...

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Decide your Therapeutic grade essential oils

First I'll tell you all the individual therapeutic grade essential oils: tea tree lavender pine needle geranium clove cedarwood tangerine lemongrass ...

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Relax Energize Refresh Body Treats Essential Oil Products

Body Products


Robin G

19 May 2021
6 months ago
Products are very high quality. Very fair prices for these HANDMADE products.

Mike Jordan

08 March 2021
9 months ago
I love using Robin’s diffuser. It helps to relieve my stress and anxiety and has a calming effect.

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